The Greatest Hubs Of Soccer In The World, Italy.

Sergio Vendittelli, Tony Vendittelli and Bruno Evangelista are three cousins from Canada who wanted to be reacquainted with the soccer team and culture of their forefathers, from what is considered one of the greatest hubs of soccer in the world, Italy.

Frosinone, Italy to be exact. Which is part and parcel of the time honored region called La Ciocciaria. Nestled in the lush green valleys and country sides between Rome and Naples, you just know “Soccer Lives Here”. So the three Leone (Lions) fans, which is what the Frosinone soccer team are also known as, set out to share their passion and enthusiasm with the countless generations of fans living away and abroad.

With an in debt look at all things pertaining to their ancestral soccer ties, through this website everyone’s searching is over. This being the official website of the team in North America you will not be disappointed. With membership will come many privileges, contests and prizes. So don’t be left out and let the Lion in you roar with pride and see for yourself what the ancient homestead of the gladiators is all about. May strength and honor be upon you all.



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