Foremost, we would like to introduce ourselves.

small_150516-192635_to160515spo_1167-990x660Antonio Vendittelli, Sergio Vendittelli and Bruno Evangelista. We are three cousins co-owners of the SabMondial Group which evolves in the sports industry market. We are also very involved in the soccer communities of our areas. Our parents immigrated to Canada in the early sixties from the Cassino area, specifically Pignataro, in the province of Frosinone.Presently living in Montreal, we often visit the Old Country and are very passionate about our beautiful area in the Lazio region. We are also passionate soccer fanatics, specially the Italian Serie A. As many of you probably know, there was a somewhat unexpected beautiful story in the Italian Soccer world this year. That`s right, Frosinone Calcio earned an historic promotion to the big league, Serie A. We have been following the  club for many years with the pride of knowing that it is a team from our area, one we can recognize our roots in. The joy of seeing them promoted is immense and represents a very important breakthrough for our area in Italy. With the strong percentage of Northern teams in the league, it is obviously nice to see a smaller club from our region compete with the rest of Italy. Considering all of this came the idea of working on a plan to help Frosinone Calcio’s exposure in North America.